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TurboHoses R&D is the premier Noble M12, M400 & Rossion facility across the nation. 

We maintain and service Nobles on a daily basis.  Each month vehicles

are shipped to our facilities for normal maintenance,

upgrades and track event preparation.


TurboHoses R&D offers a complete range of performance parts and services

 for your Noble M12, M400 and Rossion Q1. 

 Our services range  from pre-purchase inspection, track/race preparation,

restoration, complete personal builds and ECU tuning.

TurboHoses on Speed TV, with Tanner Faust.


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Champ Car Owner,

Kevin Kalkoven

 and drivers, take

  our Nobles for a

 "test" drive.


Celebrity Driver,

Tanner Faust,

interviews our staff

on SpeedTV, Super

 Cars Show.


Our Noble M400 vs.

Ferrari Enzo at




Rock & Republic, CEO Fashion Guru and all around car collector, Michael Ball, takes his custom built Noble for a test drive.

Rossion Q1 GT-1 Race Car

New ECU and ignition upgrade

Dry Sump

Single Turbo

Short Shifter


Door Bars

Noble & Rossion Diffuser & Undertray

Production to be made in Carbon Fiber


Aim Stack Display

Wired for Noble MBE ECU

Comes with mounting place that replaces the

RPM and Speedometer

Rossion Q1

Single Turbo Conversion, Short shifter, Hood lift, Harness Bar, ECU Programming, Fastback conversion.

Full Race Car Conversions

Noble/Rossion Carbon Fiber Exterior Parts

Front Splitter & Side Scoops

Currently in tooling

Limited production.


Inconel Exhaust Header


w/4 bolt flange or Vband


In stock

Single Turbo Exhaust Header

Eliminates 8 pieces of hardware

with two vband flanges




Harness Bar

Bolt-on harness bar that replaces the small welded tabs that use small hardware.

A must have for safety.

M12/M400 Ignition Upgrade


A must have upgrade for anyone with high-horsepower.

 tracks or races.

We are only offering this installation at TurboHoses.

Please contact us to set an appt.


Billet Noble/Rossion Transmission Case




Machined Billet Bell Housing &

Tail Case. 


Currently in R&D and prototype due fourth quarter 2015.


We are only producing 5 of these. four have been reserved 12/14.


6 Piston AP Racing Front & 4 Piston Rear Disk Brakes

14" & 14.5"


Front to Rear Disk Brake Conversion for

Race Cars


M400 Short Shift Kit

In stock


Rossion Q1 Shift Kit


Carbon Fiber Noble Fastback & Canards

Race Proven

Update the look of the

Noble, reduce intake air temps.

 and generate downforce.

 See your engine bay, reduce

engine heat and flow more air through

the intercooler.


In stock

Dry Sump Oil System

Only available for installation

at TurboHoses




Contact to be put on next

production list

Alternator Underdrive Pulley

Slow rotation of the alternator.

Excellent to protect the charging

 system when on the track.


MMT6 Gear Box Rebuilding Service

Refresh the MMT6 gear box with new Ford components.

Replace the used parts that come originally with the Noble and Rossion transmission.


Uprated Input Pinion Shaft and 5th Gear

A must have upgrade to repair the soft 5th gear

in the Noble and Rossion Gear Box.


Currently in R&D



Turbo Intake Manifold

Only if you are power hungry!!!


Track Gears

Dog Engagement 6spd.

Better gear splits, taller first gear &


600ft. lbs. tq. capable.

Race proven!!!



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