The only Winning Turbocharged 3.0 Ltr Ford Duratec Race Engine in SCCA

TurboHoses Motorsports is the only company in the world to succeed building the Turbocharged Ford 3.0 Duratec for Road Race applications.  Many years were spent testing on engine dynos, chassis dyno, consulting with Ford Motorports Division and datalogging on the race track during 100+dg.f days.  The results were a 2011 ITE Championship with a flawless victory,  2012/2013 SCCA SP Championship and 2014 Podium finish at the 2014 SCCA GT-1  National Championship Runoff's.

Each engine is meticulously balanced and measurements are within .001 or perfect.  Countless hours are spent to prepare the engine block and components prior to assembly.  Even new components are never  installed and assumed to be "balanced/blue printed" properly. Each new component is re-machined to TH specifications with exact tolerances that far exceed standard assembly.

The internals of our engine are far past uprated bearings, pistons, rods and valve train.  We have designed and developed proprietary components to strengthen the engine, cnc machined heads for accuracy and if requested: adjustable cam gears, thermal treatments to increase strength of the all components  and unique assemblies that cater to the customer's needs.




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