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Fiberglass Reinforced

Introducing our 22 & 60 Degree bend silicone hoses.  TurboHoses is proud to be the only provider for tight radius bends.  The radius is 1 X D (diameter of tubing).  Each leg is approximately 2" in length past the point of tangency. Made of 2-Ply fiberglass reinforced silicone,  110 wall thickness.   Operating temperatures of -65f to 600f. 

We stock 2"ID to 4"ID.  Colors available:  BLUE, RED and BLACK. 



Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil

Orders received after 2:30PM PST are shipped out the next business day.

Item Sku Size MM Color Price Buy
22 Degree  BT221222 2"ID 2" to 2 1/2"ID  50MM to 63MM 59.00
22 Degree BT2322 2"ID to 3"ID  50MM to 76MM 70.00
22 Degree BT212322 2 1/2"ID to 3"ID 63MM to 76MM  74.99
22 Degree BT331222 3"ID to 3 1/2"ID 76MM to 89MM  88.99
22 Degree BT3422 3"ID to 4"ID  76MM to 101MM 95.00
  22 Degree BT312422 3 1/2"ID to 4"ID 89MM to 101MM 88.99
60 Degree BT221260 2"ID to 2 1/2"ID 50MM to 76MM  79.00
60 Degree BT23 2"ID to 3"ID  50MM to 76MM  85.00
60 Degree BT212360 2 1/2"ID to 3"
63MM to 76MM  90.00
60 Degree BT312460 3"ID to 3 1/2"ID 76MM to 89MM  92.00
60 Degree BT3460 3"ID to 4"ID  76MM to 101MM  102.00
60 Degree BT312460 3 1/2"ID to 4"ID  89MM to 101MM  115.00

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