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Barack Obama


TurboHoses Engineers New Parts for Presidential Helicopter




TurboHoses  becomes supplier to Cummins Cal-Pacific



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for Cal-Trains








Chassis Dyno & Engine Calibration

TurboHoses MotorSports has the longest standing dyno in Northern California.  Whether for street or full race, we specialize in ecu calibration of force-induced engines, v8, fuel-injection and jetting carburetors.  We have built and tuned engines for Championship level NASTRUCK, SCCA, NASA, Proto-types, HotRods, BMW, GM, Porsche and Barrett Jackson Auctions.


Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, the Dynojet 224lx allows us to measure/record vital statistics necessary to gain the most performance and reliability.  Aside from base hp measurements, the dynojet load-cell allows us to hold steady-state and therefore an excellent tool for breaking-in new engines.


Dyno theory is only the beginning of testing our products.  We have dedicated test bench vehicles that are tested under daily driven long term and full race conditions. 

This is our commitment to excellence and products that perform beyond your expectations.


We currently calibrate: GM, Ford, Dodge, BMW 96-99 M3 OBDII DME Custom Calibration  and the majority of standalone engine management systems on the current market.



Please contact us for engine calibration today.







BMW S52 M3 96-99 OBDII DME Tuning

Mpact Motorspots

In for an engine check up and custom intake.  2nd place in the San Jose Grand Prix

 Auto Cross Champion Vic Sias

Tuned on our load control with newly designed intake system and lightweight exhaust.

20ft.lbs. and 25 whp gain!!!

Ultima GTR

This car was street tuned by owner prior to using a dyno.

The difference was 40whp on our dyno and much more drivability. 


One of three in the world.  This Piranha came in with a combination of problems.  From lack of throttle response, low power out put and engine revving issues and unique tuning of 4 carburetors that need to be synchronized to each other.

25hp increase and a VERY happy customer.

World Challenge C5

Pratt Miller Chassis

Andy McKee

National SM2 Champion

 Auto-X National Champion Turbocharged BMW M3
IMG_5114.jpg (99296 bytes) Someone just has too much time.
VW and K&N Sponsored VW Golf VR6 gets an engine check up on the dyno and custom intake system before entering the San Jose Grand Prix.  24whp gain!!!



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