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TurboHoses Inc. is made up of several divisions which enable us to have  manufacturing capabilities and  design expertise in-house for an efficient turnaround time.

TurboHoses R&D:  The heart and brain of the entire corporation.  Each day products are engineered, tested and designed.  Our team of innovative designers and engineers pre-calculate data & constantly re-invent the wheel.  Often we find alternate solutions to keep your manufacturing costs at a minimum.

In-House are mandrel benders, load control chassis dyno, data-logging software, machine/welding capabilities and chassis diagnostics equipment.

TurboHoses Fabrication:  Our staff of fabrication specialists fabricate tooling and fixtures daily for the parts you receive.  Rapid proto-typing available for emergency situations.

TurboHoses MFG:  TurboHoses MFG. produces everything to specifications.  Each month we mfg. and distribute thousands of parts across the world.

TurboHoses Composite:  From automobiles to aerospace, TurboHoses is the industry  leader in silicone hose design and engineering.

A True Performance Hose for those that demand Performance and Reliability.

Our hoses have a standard temperature yield of -65Deg. F. to 600 Deg. F.  Our standard hoses are lightweight, 1/8 (.110) wall. Hoses have been tested on vehicles exceeding 1400hp, including vehicles reaching speeds of 240+mph for intervals of 3-5 minutes at the Bonneville Salt Flats. 

TurboHoses Composite certifies parts and components to specifications.  We offer a large array of sizes and components that will make installation simple.

 Hand made using a  scientifically formulated ratio of silicone compound and fiberglass reinforcement that is unique to our products.  

We highly recommend reading the FAQ page to learn more about the things you didn't know about silicone.

Straight Hose

1/4"ID to 5"ID

1Ft. to 3Ft. Lengths

90 Degree

2"ID to 4"ID

Transitioning Bends

made to order

Hump Hoses

2"ID to 5"ID

60 Degree

2"ID to 3"ID



& Couplers

2"ID to 5"ID

45 Degree

2"ID to 4"ID

Transitioning Bends

made to order

Transition Hoses

1 1/4""ID to 5"ID

Custom Sizes Available


22 Degree

2"ID to 3"ID



A large variety of

clamping solutions

 Dodge Diesel Hose

Replacement Kit


Adaptor Hose

Velocity Stack

3" to 4"

Mandrel Bent Tubing




V-Band Clamps

Air Filters


 Hose Connectors



Vehicle Specific

Aftermarket Performance Products


Blow Off Valves




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