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Our custom intake manifold feeding the M3's cylinders.The M3 sitting up high on the liftCheck out the new fuel line for the E85! Awaiting final fabricationUp on the scales getting the numbers in orderMaterials waiting to go to fabrication

Newly made parts are always so shiny!Finished pipes and such all coated and ready to mountFitting new manifoldUnderside shot of layoutWhen converting to a turbocharged setup there are always space issues to deal with!



Please Turbo Me

It's not everyday that someone will turbo their M3.  It's also not everyday that someone  will want to custom build a turbo for their M3.  It's not everyday that someone walks in and has you build everything for their M3.  Then there's Edwin Lantican and his wife.  Mild mannered, with wild ideas of creating a sleeper that anyone can drive. 

A wolf in sheep's clothing does not describe this BMW Turbo M3 accurately.  It is a Fire Breathing Dragon in a gentleman's suit.  Often driven by his wife or a fun weekend, there is something to be said when you are the King or Queen of the road.

Edwin told us that his quest for the Ultimate Turbo M3 went as far back when there wasn't any bolt-on kits.  He volunteered his car as a donor for another company to R&D  with very minimal results, service and support.   Making another attempt, he inquired at another BMW performance shop and was denied the work.  Not knowing that Edwin was a serious customer, he moved forward and ended up at one of our Saturday dyno sessions with a few other Turbo M3's. That day, began a relationship that would ultimately transform his M3 into a rolling piece of functional art.  Until you look closely, open up the hood, put the car on scales, look at the brakes,  you will not really see or feel what this M3 is really made of.

In the early stages, we tried to work with his components only to find that the fit, finish and function made it very difficult to tune consistently.  Was it the ecu, turbokit, engine, installation or all four?   A project that is already completed with problems is always a nightmare for anyone that undertakes it.  During an upgrade, we found a coolant leak from the head, incorrectly plumbed pcv, torn intake hose, incorrect turbo oil drain angle etc..  This was a crossing point for Edwin, and he made the decision that everything was to come out and build a turbo kit to his standards. Edwin's standards aren't normal by any means.  His mild personality transcends to an 800lbs. gorilla when it comes to his car.  When he said "all", he meant "ALL".  When he told us to "build" it, we "built" it, not bought it.  When he told us to "lighten" it, we "removed" it.  We weren't sure if were we building a car or just taking one apart.  In the end, it was 300lbs. lighter than the factor for a street car with full interior.

It's no surprise the unique parts that Edwin adores.  His prize possession is the one-off turbo intake manifold.  It's a work-of-art and every time we show it to someone, they are in complete AWEEEEEE!!!!!!! Currently, Edwin has decided to transform the fuel system to E85 this year.  A complete E85 system, including all the fuel lines and fittings.  Leave no stone unturned is his philosophy.  At this point, we decided it best to upgrade the turbo to the newest generation a/r sizing and technology and maximize the new fuel.

You may think that this type of project would drive most owner's zonkers, but Edwin was calmer than any customer we had ever experienced, almost scary, but we are happy that his patience is deeper than any ocean.   We appreciate the vote of confidence and can't wait to build a second car for you.  Yes, he's already planning, no surprise there!!!!

The economic times are difficult for everyone.  Job's are lost, wages are deminished, but somehow even in these times, this husband and wife BMW Turbo Team still find the time and funds to continue building a dream machine.  It's our understanding that Edwin's wife is the original owner of the car and wanted to restore it since it meant that much to her.  Little did she know, that this M3 would be an icon in the BMW turbo world.


Turbocharged E36 M3 - Now with E85!


  • Custom built Turbocharged motor w/ forged internals

  • Electramotive- dual octane mapping

  • 1000cc Injectors

  • Custom Intercooler with water spray

  • Custom Fuel Rail

  • 3 1/2"Custom IC piping

  • Brembo Big Brake Kit.  Front and Rear

  • Ground Control Sway Bars

  • Koni Race Struts

  • Eibach Springs (provided by customer)

  • All subframe and suspension bushings replaced and/or upgraded

  • High performance clutch

  • Mandrel bent lightweight exhaust system

  • Custom Downpipe

  • Camber adjustable rear lower control arms

  • Delrin differential mounts

  • Lightened Chassis- 3066LBS.

  • Sparco Milano Seats

  • MA SHAW Carbon Fiber Hood

  • Custom alignment



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